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Moyo district leadership appeals for a bridge on River Nile

By Icega Isaac Andi

The leadership of Moyo district is appealing to the government for a bridge construction on River Nile for easy mobility.

Mr. Anyama Williams, the LCV chairperson of Moyo district while presenting a district Memo to the President said absence of a bridge on the River impacts negatively to the economy of Madi Sub-region.
Mr. Anyama argued that due to the influx of refugees in the region, numbers of vehicles and emergencies have gone high but the operational hours of the ferry has remained unchanged.

“The traffic flow in the sub region has increased but the operations of the ferry have not changed yet there may be emergencies like patient referrals at night and in that scenario we risk losing patients”, Mr. Anyama stressed.

The ferry operates between 7am and 7:30 pm daily. The district Woman MP who doubles as the State Minister for Primary Health Care Hon. Dr. Joyce Moriku Kaducu while speaking during her Thanksgiving Service held last Saturday, informed the President H.E YoweriKagutaMuseveni that the bridge is necessary.
The government is yet to respond to the cry.