Zari Hassan shows massive cleavage during Miss Uganda event - Whisper Eye

Zari Hassan shows massive cleavage during Miss Uganda event

The mother of five shared a video of her teasing men with her boobies – Some people loved the treat while others bashed her for embarrassing herself Ugandan socialite turned business woman Zari Hassan is one of the hottest women in East Africa.

This she has proved countless times in countless photos of her shared on her social media platform.  to receive all the important breaking news as it happens .

Throngs of men have been following her on social media, not to keep track of her projects but just to give their eyes random treats. Well, the men recently got what they have been looking for after Zari decided to give them a sneak peek of her enticing mammary glands.

                    Zari arriving at the Miss Uganda Event held at Sheraton hotel accompanied by secret security 

The mother of five on Friday, August 10, induced lust amongst men at the Sheraton Hotel in Uganda as she stepped out in a beautiful dress showing off a bigger part of her calabashes.

Zari who had attended the Miss Uganda 2018 event as a Judge rocked a flowing pink Cinderella dress which made her look like a real queen.

Zari shows off her body during the Miss Uganda event

Being a considerate fellow to her online followers, Zari decided to share a video of herself while at the event teasing men with her succulent jugs. While photos and videos of her showing of her mammary glands excited many, it also rubbed some quotas the wrong way.

Her critics picked issue with her claiming a mother of five should not be teasing men online in such a manner.

Zari is in  Uganda to take part in the Miss Uganda 2018 event and charity through Bryan White Foundation.