Adam Luzindana ,Chameleon's wife and mother smoked out - Whisper Eye

Adam Luzindana ,Chameleon’s wife and mother smoked out

Whisper Eye has snooped the three friends having fun , Mr Luzindana Adam Buyinza CEO and Proprietor of Buyinza Natural Tea with Mrs Daniela Mayanja aka Daniela Chameleone and the mother of Africa’s super star Dr Jose Chameleon having great times in a high class five star hotel.

While  Daniella is married to a super star, she has remained so humble, so disciplined and so decent , she is indeed a great wife and mother and accordingly she has responsible friends and they keep on discussing progress as well as charity.

           Mr Adam Luzindana Buyinza ,Daniella Mayanja  and Chameleon’s mother at one of the hotels in Uganda know Luzindana Adam Buyinza as a humble and discipline  and a fast rising businessman involved in processing and distribution of Buyinza Natural Tea for what he calls weak men and women,Buyinza Natural Tea for women with fibroid and urinary tract infections and is processor of Buyinza Coffee Juice and Buyinza Peanut Paste at Shop M55 Ground Floor Park Enkadde Mall,Old Taxi Park Kampala.

Buyinza is a great friend and his hustle background is almost similar to that of Dr j ose Chameleone
Adam was born in Poverty stricken family in Kayunga district but he is rising through many ranks.