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Rwanda based Sarah Mbabazi perfects Radio’s katonda tambula nange

Sarah Mbabazi psycho guitar another musical version creates strange sense of compassion.

Mose Radio (RIP) music for Uganda’ s make in which Sarah Mbabazi  plays brilliantly the lethally charismatic  touch.

Ugandan leaving in Rwanda, shes a straight up – triumph she nailed her guitar that takes in the late’s voice but comes up with her own razor sharp  of the memories of Uganda’s legendary.

Looking upon the viral Facebook live recording of Sarah Mbabazi , 22 on various Facebook accounts of different personality re sharing her  video while shes playing Katonda Tambula Nange , Radio’s last recorded song before his painful death.

Nshuti Sarah Mbabazi playing Katonda Tambula Nange live on Facebook with her guitar

Whisper Eye found with the score was that it was actually too enjoyable, Mbabazi ‘s score is too sympathetic and at the end of the Tambula Nange , almost too moving in the shadow of Radio.

Whisper Eye confirms that the song bird who is contracted in Rwanda soon her return to Uganda is vital immediately her contract expires as a social worker in Kigali .  During our interview with one of her managers , he confirmed that her guitarist will return and she has already signed with one of the leading song writers and producer in Uganda and for her upcoming projects and lets  wait for  sweet melody.

The inane sincerity of the lyrics of Tambula Nange  there no colder or more superficial sound other than Sarah’s version however no one disputes the fact that Radio was and still  the best musician of Uganda’  current generation

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