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When the lion roars – kaweesa keefa

Lions use different calls when communicating with each other: meows, roars, grunts, moans, growls, snarls, purrs, hums, puffs and woofs.

Each sound has a different meaning.

Lions roar to tell other lions where they are, to show how big they are and to warn lions from other prides to keep away from their home territory.

A male lion’s roar can be heard up to eight kilometers away.

Their roar is used to scare off intruders or call home members of their group, called a pride.

In a pride, lions hunt prey, raise cubs, and defend their territory together.

Spiritually,throughout the ancient world, the vibrant yellow mane of the Lion made it a natural solar symbol.

As such this King of the Beasts comes roaring into our spiritual journey with raw power, courage, and aggressiveness.

Depictions of Lions are literally a millennium old throughout the world.

Traditionally lion as a king of jungle, is respected, feared and revered

Kabaka Mutebi the King and cultural leader, is also dubbed the lion of Buganda.

He has said the widespread corruption in the country is to blame for the rising spate of murders.

Speaking at his 25th silver jubilee celebrations in Mengo, Kampala, the Buganda king said massive corruption is prompted by greed and has caused a total breakdown of the social fabric.

“This country will continue to deteriorate if prevailing levels of corruption remain unchecked,” Kabaka said at the celebration that was attended by the leader of Ghana’s Ashante Empire, Otumfour Nana Osei Tutu II, Vice president Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, several kings and cabinet ministers

“Previously, parents taught children how to avoid greed and indeed children grew into good mannered citizens.

But during this era, there is a lot of greed among people and this is why we witness a lot of corruption,” he said.

The Lions roar comes on the wake of the Age limit ruling in Mbale where Justices of the Constitutional Court lambasted Members of Parliament for being greedy when they extended their term of office from five to seven years during the passing of the age limit.

The panel of  five justices of the Constitutional Court  including the Deputy Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny Dollo, Cheborion Barishaki, Elizabeth Musoke and Remmy Kasule upheld the amendment whereas Justice Kenneth Kakuru unanimously agreed that it was wrong for the Members of Parliament to extend parliament’s tenure from five to seven years.

The judges described the act by legislators as being greed because it was not for national benefit but rather MPs’

“If we go by what happened, it would mean that parliament would every five years extend its terms without holding an election and this is what Idi Amin did by declaring himself life president and parliament,” Justice Kenneth Kakuru said.

The no nonsense judge said that there was no justification for the legislators to award themselves two years on top of the five without consulting their electorates.

“MPs have no power to legislate on their own, the power belongs to the people who renew that mandate every five years,”Kakuru said.

“These were unprecedented amendments through which people ought to have been consulted.

Extending the term parliament and amounted to a flagrant breach of social contract,”Kakuru noted.

“MPs allocating themselves power to extend term of office is like Amin declaring himself life president.

They can even abolish judiciary

“It was an attempt by parliament to override the power of the people and the same was null and void.”

The Deputy Chief Justice, Dollo said Members of Parliament extended their term by more two years out of their narrow personal interests above the public good.

“I therefore find section 2 and 6 in regards to extending time of parliament and local government was inconsistent with the constitution,” Justice Elizabeth Musoke ruled.

The Kabaka warned that corruption has created socio inequality.

The event was also attended by at least 50 Members of Parliament the very people who had been a party to legislation, the Kyabazinga of Busoga and Kampala Archbishop Kizito Lwanga among others.

The Asantehene, Otumfour Nana Osei Tutu II, said African governments should partner with traditional institutions to cherish national growth.

In that regard, the Asantehene payed tribute to President Museveni who 25 years ago took a bold a step to restore the kingdom,” he said.

He said it is important for Africa to examine the importance of traditional institutions in development and entire economic agenda.

The colorful event was broadcasted live on National television and other channels including private radios.

The Lions roars therefore exceeded the traditional eight kilometers.