President Museveni takes credit for stabilising South Sudan - Sam Evidence - Whisper Eye

President Museveni takes credit for stabilising South Sudan – Sam Evidence

There are a number of people who do not appreciate the peace that we have in Uganda. I’ve met some people whom you tell about the peace we have in Uganda and they ask you if you’re eating that peace. This isn’t good and I think that statement is always said out of ignorance because without peace you can’t even eat. One needs peace first then get appetite for food and eat.

The worlds youngest country south Sudan has faced many security challenges which has led to the death of a number of people some are Ugandans who do business in Juba and even young children and its citizens. President Museveni as a peace loving leader has not not kept Quiet or watched events from far.

He has involved himself in the strategies to rectify problems and restore peace in the south Sudan. He would have chosen to keep Quiet after all Uganda has its own problems to solve but as I earlier mentioned some one who loves peace can’t be comfortable when neighbour’s house is on fire.

The political instability that mainly originated from political issues and sharing power has put business at stand still and I guess the economy could be having challenges as I write these. Ugandans who do business from that country have not been spared some left their businesses for fear of their life and some died which is regrettable.

At one time If I remember well President Museveni also the commander in Chief sent UPDF officers to South Sudan to make sure they restore peace, when this failed to work our President has engaged the two antagonistic sides in talks and good enough these talks have brought good results and we hope South Sudan will now enjoy peace and stability, However sometimes you help or would want to help someone who doesn’t want help or who enjoys the situation he is in, such person makes issues much complicated if he is a leader its the subordinates who suffer most.

Peace and stability is one of the achievements of the National Resistance Movement that is undoubted, it has now yielded good fruits now to the extent that we are exporting it to the neighbouring countries.

When there’s no peace in your neighbourhood you can’t have peace, perhaps there a number of crimes that will take place near you and they won’t spare you.

I think that’s the reason as to why our president gets encouraged to keep engaging these people to make sure sanity is restored putting in mind that he is a pan African.

Again this proves one of the principles of National Resistance Movement which is pan Africanism, as Africans we must love our continent and also be made to know that we are the people to build ourselves, every time we involve ourselves in blood shed its us that loses not people in the western Countries, therefore we must know that we are one and appreciate the fact that we were created to live together as brothers and sisters.

Other African leaders and especially those with aspirations of becoming leaders must embrace peace first, there will be no room for politicking if there’s no peace in the country, therefore calling for war and doing things that instigate wars should never be your business if we are to build Africa as Africans.

When one fails to make it to the top leadership it doesn’t mean that a number of people should die first in order to fulfil this, because whereas one needs to president but be she goes to leadership to lead people who are alive one can’t lead the dead

At times some people say that the country ought to have peace because citizens pay taxes and which taxes are used to pay security officers. Now you wonder if the countries which are experiencing wars do not pay taxes, some say that when a country gets a problem the president has become incompetent and therefore he should leave power, all these are wrong.

There are a number of issues that bring instability which result into wars. Like for instance President Salva Kiir hasn’t spent long in power that we should say its the reason as to why there’s instability in that African youngest country. Leaders are chosen to forge ways on how citizens can live in peace.

Uganda will gain much if there’s peace in the south Sudan in one say or the other at the same time the south Sudanese will do business, educate their Children and develop their country when there’s person. There’s no person that deserves to die out of political disagreements of leaders.