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Ethiopia PM ‘shocked’ by Simegnew’s death

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed learnt about the death of one of the country’s top engineers, Simegnew Bekele, when he arrived in the US on his latest diplomatic mission.

His chief of staff has said the prime minister was “saddened and utterly shocked” by the news.

Mr Simegnew, who was found dead in a car in the main square of the capital, Addis Ababa, died as a result of a bullet wound, police say.

Simegnew Bekele, the top Ethiopian engineer who was found dead in a car in the capital, Addis Ababa, on Thursday morning, was killed as a result of a bullet wound, the police have said.

A handgun was found in the car.

But at a press conference, Police Commissioner Zeynu Jemal did not say whether police thought the wound was self inflicted or if Mr Simegnew was killed by someone else.

The death of the engineer, who was in charge of Ethiopia’s high profile Grand Renaissance Dam project, has shocked many in the country.

As news of his death spread, there was a spontaneous demonstration outside the state broadcaster’s offices in Addis Ababa, with people calling for “justice for the engineer”.

Police in Ethiopia are investigating the death of engineer Simegnew Bekele, the man leading the Grand Renaissance Dam project, who was found in a car in the main square of the capital, Addis Ababa.

The cause of death is not yet known.

The plan to build a hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile in northern Ethiopia has been a source of controversy with Egypt, which has said that it will have an impact on its use of the river.