Constitution abuse is bread by un professionalism - Kaweesa Keefa - Whisper Eye

Constitution abuse is bread by un professionalism – Kaweesa Keefa

Uganda as a state shall continue to face challenges of unprofessional ism within the police force unless officers are retrained to meet standards.

These comments and sentiments were echoed by defense counsel Sserwadda Gonzaga and Denis Nyombi for the Chief Executive of Whisper Eye and a Post graduate student at Law Development Center  Kaweesa hope man Mulangira when he appeared in court Wednesday at Buganda road Magistrate Court.

When this case was called for mention, the state prosecutor told court presided over by trial magistrate Mangeni Mariam that inquiries had not been completed.

Similar statement was said on 27th June when he appeared in court.

However, it’s on record that Hope man Kaweeesa was arrested by corporal Emmanuel Mbonigaba of Media crime department from Tayebwa Sserwadda and company advocates where he was undergoing interne ship on the evening of Monday 18th June and spent nine days locked up at Kabalagala police station without appearing in any courts of law contrary to any kown norms of the Uganda laws and constitution.

Kaweesa Hope Mulangira the CEO  of Whisper Eye who was arrested over allegations based on a woman that formally worked in State house, Uganda

Such acts of human rights abuses and raping of the constitution are continuing unabated under the guise of making inquiries when it has always been good professional practice to investigate   cases first before any arrest is made.

However in Uganda it’s the reverse which is likely to coast taxpayers should one sue government for false imprisonment.

Whisper eye sources confirmed that a lady who owns an online news publication formerly an aid in state house gave false information to the security over Kaweesa sharing of the audio which led to his arrest and incarceration for nine days at Kabalagala   police in violation of his human rights and contrary to article 23 of the Uganda constitution which gives police mandate to only detain a suspect for not more than 48 hours.

Kaweesa is likely to sue the state for illegal detention, defamation and other related cases.

Kaweesa arrest follows a number of security crackdowns on Uganda opposition and some media houses after the killing of Arua Mp Abiriga

However it also depicts the lack of professional ethics in investigations and panic by some of the Uganda police  security officers which apparently is conducted erratically most probably to earn praise and please the authority and media rivalry between competitors and government  planted agents masquerading as media house.