Acts of illegal arrests and kidnap undermine democracy - Peter Mukasa - Whisper Eye

Acts of illegal arrests and kidnap undermine democracy – Peter Mukasa

I have noted with concern a statement from MTN Uganda Limited dated 9th July 2018 detailing the kidnap of two staff working with its contractor; Huawei.

The kidnapped staffs were forced to provide unlawful access to the MTN data center in Mutundwe.

The statement mentioned that the men who executed this illegal assignment were “heavily armed.”

MTN also made clear that they consider these men who they confirm were from ISO and CMI, as criminals.

I have has also noted with concern, statements made by the Director General of ISO, Retired Col. Kaka Bagyenda, confirming the unfortunate attack on the MTN data center carried out by ISO operatives.

It is very chilling to hear the Director General of ISO proudly associating himself with such illegalities in a press conference.

The need for any government agency to gain access to any property or information from the public using “heavily armed men” is uncalled for, considering that the same could have been accessed lawfully.

The era of accessing information at gun point is long past.

The NRM Government has prided itself on its ability to ensure that security agencies do not misuse the gun or turn the gun against the people

. Accessing the MTN data center with no court order but instead using guns is most unacceptable.

Remembering our history, ISO should avoid the behavior and conduct of the former State Research Bureau.

I also note, with grave concern over the long illegal detention of Mr. Birungi Simpson aka Movit by ISO, contrary to the express orders of the High Court.

The fact that ISO seemingly operates above the law, the constitution, and the courts is a deeply worrying trend that needs to be resolved quickly.

At a press conference dated 9th July 2018, the DG ISO Col Frank Bagyenda “paraded” some “suspects” who confessed to working with Dr. Kizza Besigye and Gen. Kale Kayihura to cause unrest in the city.

I, and many others, oppose the practice of parading suspects because the exercise is of no legal value and erodes the presumption of innocence.