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Those still working with the dictatorship – Gen David Tiyenfuza Sejusa

I trust that the progress in the struggle is getting clearer by the day. We all know that fighting liberation struggles is never easy but with focus and commitment, victory is ultimately attainable. So we should proceed with what we think will make the ultimate difference.

Israel conducts missile test

Israel’s Defense Ministry conducted a missile test from the Palmachim air base early Thursday morning.

“In the framework of the Homa missile defense]directorate

Police launch dragnet for 3 non-US citizens accused of raping Ohio sisters

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency joined the nationwide search for three men accused of kidnapping and raping two teen girls in Ohio, authorities said

President Trump and Republicans likely to win mid term poll

It’s a midterm year, and we’re just past half way to November.

The historical trend is for Congress to flip very blue this fall.

Yes! We have no bananas: Why the song may come true again

A wild banana that may hold the key to protecting the world’s edible banana crop has been put on the extinction list.

It is found only in Madagascar, where there are just

Amesbury poisoning: Russia using UK as ‘dumping ground’

The home secretary has accused Russia of using Britain as a “dumping ground for poison” after a second incident involving the nerve agent Novichok

Mother Teresa India charity ‘sold babies’

A woman working at Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand has been arrested for allegedly selling a 14-day-old baby.

Two other women employees from the cent re have been detained

The effect of Uganda social media tax versus online usage- Moses Katende


1.Decline on organic reach.

If your business relies on Facebook as your top social platform, you’ve probably noticed a drastic decline in your organic reach over the past 2/3 days .

I have not pleaded guilty in UPDF court – Col Ndahura

Former Police Director of Crime Intelligence Col Atwooki Ndahura has denied pleading guilty in the military court as claimed by the Attorney General early this week.

Uganda lesbian jumps police bond for fear of her life

Uganda  has a mixed record on its treatment of lesbian community  (LGBT) people. It criminalises “unnatural carnal knowledge” under its laws and its labelled a criminal offence,

Football world urges boys in Thai cave to ‘be strong’ as they await rescue

The video shows them wrapped in foil blankets. The footage is grainy but underneath the foil blankets two of the boys are clearly wearing replica football shirts — one sports a Real Madrid top, another a red England national team jersey.

Aged between 11 and 16 years old, these are the boys of the Wild Boar football team

Amesbury Novichok poisoning: Couple exposed to nerve agent

A man and woman found unconscious in Wiltshire were exposed to Novichok – the same nerve agent that poisoned ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal, police say

President Kiir ready to sign peace deal, says UN envoy

The United Nations deputy secretary-general has said the South Sudanese President Salva Kiir is ready to sign a peace deal with the main rebel leader.

Thailand cave: Rescuers in race against weather as rains close in

Rescuers in Thailand are racing against the rains to free 12 boys and their football coach trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand.

A deluge is expected to hit in a matter of days and could force the water level up, threatening to flood the pocket where the group has taken refuge.

The boys, aged 11-16, and their coach have been trapped since 23 June.

They are believed to have entered the cave when it was dry, before sudden heavy rains blocked the exit.

The group was found on Monday night by two British rescuer divers, on a rock shelf about 4km (2.5 miles) from the mouth of the cave.

The region of Chiang Rai where the boys are trapped has for the past few days experienced a dry spell, but the expected turn in the weather may force rescuers to rush their plans.

“We are racing against time before we found them,” Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn said at a press conference on Thursday morning. “Now we are racing against water.”

Mr Narongsak also said telephone lines were being installed in the cave, so the boys could speak to their families, though the line has yet to reach the boys.

A new phone is being taken into the cave, after a previous device fell into the water and stopped working.

Media captionBill Whitehouse from the British Cave Rescue Council explains how the boys and their coach might be rescued

If the rain stops for long enough, there is a possibility that the group could walk out of the Tham Luang cave complex, or be floated out – rather than having to dive.

The total journey from the cave’s entrance to the trapped group currently takes a total of 11 hours – six hours in and five hours back out.

Many of the boys can’t swim, and all will have to be taught basic diving skills if they are to leave that way


New Trump order : Leave U.S. with kids or without them

After a court order to reunite more than 2,000 migrant children who were separated from their parent’s s in May and June, the Trump administration has instructed immigration agents to give those parents two options: leave the country with your kids — or leave the country without them,

President Museveni lowers social media tax

Following public outcry over new excise duties, President Museveni says he has lowered taxes on mobile money transactions from 1 percent to 0.5 percent adding that it “is still a subject open to discussion.”