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Israel fires missiles near Damascus airport

The official Syrian news agency reported on Tuesday that two Israeli missiles had landed in the vicinity of the Damascus International Airport.

No injuries or damage were reported

. Additionally, it was not reported if the missiles had indeed exploded.

The news agency reported that the incident was linked to “the continued support Israel gives the terrorist organizations in an attempt to raise their morale, following their defeat against the Syrian army, which has succeeded in recent days in regaining hundreds of kilometers in southern Syria and the suburbs of Homs, Damascus and Deir Azur.”

Last week, an American official told CNN that Israel was behind the attack in Syria a week ago, near the border with Iraq. According to Shi’ite militias in the region, 22 Iraqi fighters, backed by Iran, were killed in the attack, but according to the Syrian Human Rights Organization, the death toll has reached 52.

The Syrian media accused the American coalition of the attack, but Washington denied that they had attacked the area. The IDF refused to comment on the report.

Last month, Israeli Air Force planes attacked dozens of Iranian targets in Syria, including Iranian intelligence sites, military camps and arms depots, in the most extensive attack Israel has carried out in Syria in recent decades.

The attack was carried out following the firing of dozens of rockets from Syria at IDF positions in the Golan Heights.

Four rockets penetrated Israel and were intercepted, while the rest landed in Syrian territory. There were no casualties.

About two weeks after the attack, Major General Amikam Norkin said that during the incident, Iranian forces stationed in Syria fired 32 rockets at the Golan Heights.

According to him, the Syrian anti-aircraft system launched more than 100 surface-to-air missiles at Israeli planes that attacked Iranian targets in the country.

After the Israeli attack, the army confirmed that Israel had attacked the Syrian Air Force’s T-4 base in April.

Until then, Israel had maintained ambiguity regarding this and other attacks in Syria. The Air Force attacked the base, located in the Homs area, after Iran transferred surface-to-air missiles that reach a range of 110 kilometers (68 miles)