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Lesbians survive death in Uganda by angry mob

Uganda’s would-be lesbian violently stopped by protesting youths and police on Friday at Kireka near Kampala after two young girls are caught on allegations of practising homosexual acts.

Uganda police intervened as neighbours’ at the birthday party mainly youth , held sticks and gathered around the car where the two girls had been Kissing themselves before being flushed out from their car before it was burnt by the angry anti homosexual mob.

Whisper Eye has learnt that the two girls were severally beaten and arrested by local police authorities suspected of being homosexuals, the two were rescued from youths baying for their blood but the local police chief later said charges would be preferred against these girls if investigations show that they were practicing lesbian acts.

“I sent afande Mwesigwa Sam to rescue them from the angry residents baying for their blood because they were trying to practice lesbian’s acts in a parked car said Kireka police post police officer According to  Namande Dellar Carolineand her friend Kiiza Annet had taken long without seeing each other and during a birthday party celebration they became horny and tipsy kissed at around 10.00 pm in a parked car.

The angry mob threatened to kill the two young girls, yelled at the top of their voices and called for an operation to flush out lesbians also claimed to be living among locals in different areas of Kampala.

The arrested ladies were beaten in police custody but Uganda’s activist through their lawyers requested for a police bond of the two and charges labelled against them seem relaxed since the accused ladies have disappeared from Kireka.

God created women for men to provide sexual pleasure, what will happen now that they have turned to each other? Who will marry our daughters,” shouted a woman.

Uganda have always called for strong laws against the LGBT community in Uganda, punishment for homosexual acts to include life imprisonment in some cases and also face death among the standing laws .

The Uganda anti-homosexuality bill also makes it a crime punishable by a prison sentence not to report gay person.