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IGAD relevance to peace in South Sudan questioned

The Intergovernmental authority on development (IGAD) is not a credible body to bring about peace in South Sudan, a document leaked to the whisper eye media team  courtesy of South Sudan News Agency (SSNA)

A senior IGAD official who leaked the document told the SSNA said the East African bloc will not deliver peace to the people of South Sudan, saying “anyone who trusts IGAD should wake up.”

In the text, the official explained how IGAD behalf publicly and secretly.

He pointed out that the bloc is wrestling with “legitimacy crisis” due to increased pressure from non-IGAD members.

“We [IGAD leaders] are basically doing nothing for the people of South Sudan.

What we have is just coming together and talk about the same thing repeatedly without any conclusion,” the source explained.

“This is a dangerous game,” he added.

The official disclosed how certain members wage a misleading campaign by fooling other IGAD members and the international community.

“There is a feeling of sadness with some members because Uganda and Kenya are not cooperating.

These countries cooperate in public and do other things in private,” the source added.

Most South Sudanese believe that IGAD is not working for peace and prefer a different entity to take over.

“The so-called IGAD is filled with money -lovers who prefer to receive blood money over peace,” Nhial Jock Khan, a South Sudanese political analyst told the South Sudan News Agency in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

Nhial described IGAD as a project run by Uganda.

“People are wondering why this Uganda-run organization is leading the peace process,” he complained.

South Sudan’s troops have this week intensified fighting in Motot, Akobo, leer, Mirynyal, Nhialdiew, Rupchay, and Thanker.

Locals told the SSNA that government forces are killing civilians, raping women and girls, and burning houses in areas in and around Leer county.