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Costa Rica Presidential election : Alvarado v Alvarado

Costa Ricans have two choices in the presidential elections on Sunday: Alvarado or Alvarado.

Conservative evangelical Fabricio Alvarado is running against centre-left Carlos Alvarado, who is no relation.

The candidates have been neck and neck throughout the campaign, which has been dominated by debate over legalizing same-sex marriage.

Here is what you need to know about the two candidates and the election.

Costa Rica has a presidential election every four years.

The current president, Luis Guillermo Solís of the centre-left Citizens’ Action Party (PAC), is banned under law from running for a second consecutive term.

In February’s first round, no candidate won more than 40% of the vote, which means the two best-performing candidates went through to a head-to-head second round.

Fabricio Alvarado won 24.8% of the vote in February, while Carlos Alvarado gained 21.8%.

Carlos Alvarado Quesada, 38, is the PAC candidate.

He was the minister of labour under the former administration.

A graduate of the University of Costa Rica and the University of Sussex, Mr Alvarado Quesada is also a novelist and a former journalist.