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Andrew McCabe: Fired FBI deputy director hands memos to Russia inquiry

Ex-FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe has given memos about conversations he had with President Donald Trump to an inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election, US media say.

They say the memos could support allegations thatthe president sought to obstruct justice.

Mr McCabe was fired from the FBI on Friday following an internal inquiry. Mr Trump had accused him of bias.

The president has also dismissed the Russia investigation as a “witch hunt”.

Mr McCabe had been under internal investigation by the FBI and had already stepped down from his deputy post in January pending the review.

He was sacked just two days short of his 50 birthday on Sunday, when he was expected to retire with a federal pension.

He has publicly pointed to donations that Mr McCabe’s wife, a Democrat, received from a Clinton ally when she ran unsuccessfully for the state Senate in 2015 as evidence that Mr McCabe was politically biased.He welcomed the news of his dismissal almost immediately after Mr Sessions announced it, calling the move a “great day for democracy”.

News that Mr McCabe had kept records of his conversations with Mr Trump and then FBI Direction James Comey emerged on Saturday.Mr Trump continued posting about Mr McCabe’s departure on social media, saying there had been “leaking, lying and corruption” at the FBI, as well as the defence and state departments.