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Uganda installs surveillance Cameras all over the cities

Uganda police  says a new national police surveillance camera is in place. Despite a number of groups voicing concerns over the new system and what it could mean for privacy in the Uganda , the police  has gone ahead with the system.

It will   link all major security agencies, making it easy to share information and direct operations.

According to our reliable sources  the project involved connecting cameras  around all major roads in the city connecting them with high speed internet  to  major police stations .

The system aims at assisting police and other law enforcement agencies with combatting terrorism and other criminal activity.

Upon full completion, the system will be operated by the Uganda  police service under the expertise of a core team.

The installed cameras are  tamper-proof, high definition and ultra-high definition CCTV cameras across  Wandegeya , Kawempe ,Katwe , Jinja road , Kampala road and all major roads to Kampala.


The system will have analytical capabilities allowing for facial and movement recognition from the CCTV footage that will be relayed to the command and control center in Naguru police headquarters.

This will make it easy to locate police officers closest to a crime scene for faster response, According to reliable police sources.

The system will enable security personnel to monitor areas under surveillance, detect any security incident, help direct police response and monitor the flow of people and traffic especially in town centers.

The Installation of these cameras came about after the spokesperson of Police AIGP Andrew kaweesi was murdered together with his bodyguards and driver .

President Museveni after the murder of Andrew kaweesi  ordered for installation of these cameras to curb criminal activities in the country.