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Maj Juma Seiko to claim his daughter from Desire Luzinda

Maj. Juma Seiko claims that singer Desire Luzinda has continuously refused to accept that he is the father of her child, Michelle. Desire Luzinda came out and said “I don’t know what comes over him. We have never had intercourse.

He was just a friend,”blah blah craaaapp crap As if this is all we can talk about Desire Luzinda

We understand her music has always been terribly ugly and outdated , she leaked her nude pictures , done a lot of crazy staff in the name of calling for attention , So am pretty sure she is somewhere trying to figure out what she gonna do next to get some attention , She is forgetting we have seen it all from her side  so nothing is to take our breath away life can really be so mean you need a reality Tv show

And Desire Luzinda .. it could be a coincidence that among the many men you slept with that night , your friend seiko could have been one of them….. fatigue can lead to mental problems…now this is all crap  and nothing like seriously will ever make Desire trend ever again … like honestly , I can easily tell that your really trying to be relevant and you forget that their is always an art to that

Your aging and changing buh your music isn’t …. it’s still the same music with ugly lyrics and ridiculous videos …. am just fed of your kid situation in your situation.

Source : TheDirtGossipShow