Witchcraft in Masindi town as a swarm of bees attack a suspected thief - Whisper Eye

Witchcraft in Masindi town as a swarm of bees attack a suspected thief

Witchcraft was cited on Monday 27 th November 2017 in Masindi town  when a suspected thief was attacked by aswarm of bees over stolen  household items from a resident of Kijura north cell in Masindi District, Bunyoro Region.

Residents of Masindi town who witnessed  incident told the whisper eye media that the bees had followed the thief immediately he carried the stolen items away from the owners place.

The bees were in thousands , they covered the man’s body leaving him with only the eyes and the hands un covered.  Kyomuhangi Irene the area LC1 official  told whisper eye media in masindi that this incident happened after an increase in theft , among those items the suspect  stole were a black subwoofer and a DVD(Music System).

Crowds of people gathered to see for themselves as a man cried out for help until Masindi police station however police didn’t intervene citing that it was drama however he returned to a place where he stole the items .

The Midwestern regional Police spokesperson Mr Julius Hakiza said the incident was not reported to Police but detectives have picked interest in the matter and investigation will be carried out .

The suspected was bewitched by the owner of items , its very common here in Masindi however the police called for more vigilance in this festival season Mr Hakiza said.