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Masaka MPs attacked over ‘Age Limit ’cash


Drama ensued at a joint consultation rally staged by the current  Masaka municipality member of Parliament Mathias Mpuuga and the area women MP Mary Babirye Kabanda when some of their supporters attacked them at a consultative meeting in thier consitituency.

Mpuuga carrying the Shs 29 million at parliament

In a twist of things where MPs especially from the ruling NRM  party have been facing the wrath of the constituents for supporting the bill,Mpuuga’s supporter identified as Joseph Balikuddembe accused

him of returning the Shs 29 million arguing that it would have otherwise been be used to boost the deteriorating hygiene levels in the municipality.

“How could you return the money yet our municipality is lagging behing when it comes to hygiene,”Balikuddembe said.
In the same consultative meeting, another supporter the other hand,area woman MP, Babirye Kabanda was also had a taste of

anger from a supporter for withdrawing the Shs 29 million allocated for each MP to consult local constituents on the controversial Consititution Ammendment (No 2)Bill 2017.

However,immediately after uttering out these statements,other supporters invaded him until Mpuuga had to come in to stabilize the situation.

Controversy among the public and political analysts still sorrounds the Shs 18 billion given to MPs whereby at least 12 legislators have returned the Shs 29 million refusing to accept what they branded a bribe from President Museveni to sway them to support the age limit bill.

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