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Dying Bill passed after marathon debate

Victoria will become Australia’s first state to legalize the dying
A landmark assisted dying bill has passed through the lower house of Australia’s second-most populous state after a marathon all-night debate.
Lawmakers in Victoria discussed the voluntary euthanasia bill for 26 hours

Modi’s tide is running low in India

One of the reasons why Narendra Modi swept to victory with a historic mandate in 2014 was his combative and upbeat oratory. Three years on, the Indian prime minister is beginning to sound unusually defensive.
Many say Mr. Midi’s characteristic bluster and bombast

Bitter fruits of Independence from Gaddafi

The six years since the Libyan people’s successful uprising to end Muammar Gaddafi’s rule have seen the country divided between rival governments, various armed groups, ethnic militias, and a renegade general.
A once united rebel front has now broken into innumerable armed

Cospiracy plan to overthrow government unveiled

The government has accused the National Supper Alliance(NASA), it’s leader Raila Odinga and a number of foreigners of hacking a plan to overthrow the Constitution and rule of law by distracting the forthcoming October,26 fresh presidential poll

Salva Kiir laments over American children

While downplaying the suffering of his own people whom he believes are being killed, raped or displaced by “the Social Media”, South Sudan’s troubled President, Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit, thinks that the American children are suffering more than

Green is Israel:Yellow is Palestine

More than 10 percent of the Palestinian GDP depends on agriculture, yet only 10 percent of the land is irrigated. In contrast, agriculture in Israel accounts for three percent of its GDP, but more than 50 percent of the land is irrigated.
“Anything that’s green is Israeli; anything that’s dry and yellow is Palestinian,”

Boat capsizes killing 17 on River Nile

At least 17 people died on Thursday night in north-eastern Jonglei State, near the state capital, a Local Commission David Deng Manyok told whisper eye media team.
Commissioner Deng Manyok confirmed that seventeen people died on

Police net 108 pedophiles in Latin America

Police in Brazil say they have arrested 108 people in the biggest operation ever against pedophiles in Latin America.
Suspects were arrested in 24 states and the capital, Brasilia.
Justice Minister Torquato Jar dim told whisper eye media team that those detained

93 year old Mugabe appointed ambassador and sacked

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been appointed as a World Health Organization (WHO) goodwill ambassador.
However, the appointment has been criticized by several organizations including the British government as it is hard to imagine 93-year-old Robert Mugabe fulfilling an ambassadorial role.

Islamist militants decimate Egyptian troops

More than 50 Egyptian security personnel were killed during a clash with suspected Islamist militants.
The militants opened fire on the group during a raid on their hideout near the Bahariya oasis in the Western Desert, the interior ministry

Riek Machar spokesperson Lam dead as reports say poisoned

South Sudan-Juba-  Dr. Riek Machar South Sudan rebel leader and former first vice president of South Sudan shocked as is press officer was reported to have died yesterday night in khartoum Sudan

New Zealand set to legalise the weed

New Zealand will hold a referendum on legalising the recreational use of cannabis in the next three years, its prime minister-elect has pledged.

Jacinda Ardern said she did not

Vampires terrorise Malawi people

Police in the south-east African state of Malawi say they have arrested 140 members of lynch mobs who attacked people suspected of being vampires.

At least eight people are believed to

Xi Jinping of china survives coup

Liu Shivu, China’s chief of securities commission disclosed names of top officials who had planned to seize state power from President Xi Jinping. 

These top party members from the communist party have since been arrested or jailed in a wide-reaching corruption crackdown launched by Mr Xi.