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Time to prepare for a post Museveni era – Ibrahim Kasozi , FDC Mp Makindye east


Dear fellow ugandans, i take this opportunity to thank u all for the developmental work you do for your families and our country at large.

i know the economic situations are not all good because of the current state of affairs that has been caused as a result of the ongoing ‘Quest for Tujjikwateko’ by the regime’s top level sycophants who perceive president museveni as the alpha and omega of this country.

I have been reliably informed by an insider in the corridors of power that the state has earmarked a whopping 78b shillings for both the ruling party’s legislators and a few opposition legislators who are in support of amending article 102(b) to scrap the age limit clause in order to pave way for the ageing president to aspire again in 2021.

If the Tujjikwateko project is abandoned and that money is spent on service delivery, it can do the following services that can uplift the welfare of the poor ugandans who are languishing in abject poverty in the countrysides.

1. Construction of at least a secondary school in 45 sub counties across the nation.
2.It can buy two brand new cancer machines and 1brand new cancer bunker to help on the treatment of the epidemic
3. It upgrade a 55 kilometers feeder road into a modern bitumen standard road and this in the long run shall help farmers to access the markets with their agricultural products.
4. It can be used to pay at least 2889 secondary school teachers and 5212 primary school teachers.
Therefore, as an outstanding legislator, i would like to call upon my fellow colleagues from the NRM side to think twice before supporting this ‘ Vague and outrageous age limit amendment proposal’ because in the long run, my counterparts shall have denied ugandans better services and the poorly paid civil servants a good pay.

Iam privilladged to be a member of the presidential and foreign affairs committee to which, i have access to vital information in the government and if i utter anything now, that can surprise the whole nation. i think that will be a subject of discussion for some other time.

Back on the famous joint campaign by the opposition dubbed ‘ Tojjikwatako’ , here, i want to applaude my bosses the leaders of all political parties who have withstood temptations, state harrasment, ruthlessness by state machineries for having launched such a nice idea that started as a ‘joke’ but now has turned into a’wild fire’. Indeed, kudos!.

To my fellow legislators, keep the fire burning and more pressure should be mounted on the speaker and her deputy not to include that poisonous bill on the the order paper.

As members of the 10th August assembly, we should now be debating on the post uganda museveni for the betterment of his few achievements, next generation and a good uganda to leave in after the retirement of mzei museveni.

We should leave our constitution intact and it stands a test of time because it is still in its infancy stages ( 22 years only).

To the so called omni visionary, i am calling upon him to respect his words as an old man and bow out when his retirement time reaches.

This constitution was once amended in 2005 by the members of the 7th parliament and article 105 ( 2) which was clear on a two term limit for the presidency was deleted.

All the members of the then parliament who supported that move went into political limbo while a few who opposed the move the move are the very ones who are still politically relevant.

In my conclusion therefore, i thank the members of parliament who are anti- age limit for having put up a spirited show yesterday . you indeed went into the guinness book of records of ugandans.

Let us continue to be strong, composed, firm above all courageous.

The regime’s mafiasos who are good at politics of perfidy and mendacity shall finally succumb to our cause.



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