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Pastor Samuel Kakande returns at synagogue church of all nations

Sunday evening prophet Samuel Kakande made a return at his church located in Mulago around Bomb road as his followers burst into Joy, happiness and excitement.

Followers went  into wild cheers, joy  and excitement as applause from his believers members as others waved with joy at him.
Some collapsed in excitement as they all engaged others in praising the return of man of God.

Mr Kakande was handed a microphone , he was  Clad in a blue pair of trousers, blue shirt and a purple jacket,  he had a short prayer amid a moment of silence.

“God knows that I cannot manage on my own that is why he gave me power,” he said as the congregation cheered.said prophet Kakande.

Mr Kakande danced for his followers in jubilation,  he mocked his competitors that he’s a son of God,he said he was not sick at all , a son of God.

He went onto preach with a sermon , asked the congregation to turn to their bibles and read two verses in the books of  Matthew 28:18 and John 14: 15-16.

Pastor Kakande looked well . there have been contradicting reports of his  whereabouts  with claims of running mad  and being admitted to Butabika National Mental Referral Hospital , Kampala after suffering a mental breakdown.

Prophet Kakande at his church

we reported about this situation here on whisper after getting information from one of the family members that indeed pastor was admitted at Buutabika  however the truth has  been clearly established Pastor Kakande hes okay , good health  and doing his work.

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