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If you were looking for signs of a collapsing regime, look no further – Bobi Wine

This morning I was supposed to be hosted by Capital FM for Capital Gang. I was later informed that the radio was directed by UCC and received phone-calls from security operatives not to host me.

I was called by other radio and TV stations and they confirmed that they received the same order- with threats that if I am hosted, they risk being closed.

If you were looking for signs of a collapsing regime, look no further.

General Katumba Wamala you almost killed me – MP , Zaake Francis Butebi

Butebi village in Mityana district is where my story begins, looking at me, no body could ever guess that I would be a leader in the mere future, actually not even myself had an idea of what I would become until I got a role model whose inspiration awakened the leader in me, unfortunately we had never met with my role model until when the people of Mityana Municipality accorded me an opportunity to represent their views in the 10th parliament, to be honest, I befriended him and made him my mentor with great respect for him.

I have always been very grateful

NRM MP’s Riot As Museveni Refuses To Release Age Limit Cash

All isn’t well in the NRM caucus as members, who are used to being given money for every major decision they make, are in riotous mood wondering why their chairman YK Museveni has lately become very stingy with cash.
RP Online has reliably learnt that since the Magyezi saga started, the NRM MPs haven’t pocketed anything yet they expected a lot from Museveni whose generosity

Walking skeletons from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un labor Camps


Defectors from North Korea have testified that imprisoned women in North Korea serving time for political crimes are raped and later executed in a brutal fashion.

Their babies are fed to the dogs. In an exclusive interview with whisper eye media team, the defectors provided graphic testimony about what prisoners face during

Kenya opposition calls for new protests next week


Raila Odinga the Kenya opposition leader has called for new protests throughout the country.

This followed the ruling party changing the electoral laws.

The fiery politician has said the proposed changes were an attack on democracy and the bi weekly demonstrations

Who would be happy if their country is taken over by foreigner – Prof.Eric Kashambuzi


Uganda allowed Tutsi refugees from Rwanda into Uganda from 1959 social revolution which they sparked. They were admitted into Uganda on humanitarian ground and on a temporary basis.

I was in senior one at that time. When Kabale area became overburdened some were moved to other parts including in Ankole, Rujumbura, Bunyoro and Toro. This was done purely on humanitarian grounds to the children of God seeking a temporary place for their families.

Youth arrested in western Uganda over age limit protest

The Uganda Police in western Uganda, Ntungamo District on thursday morning arrested youth who were protesting  against the Uganda government ploy to amend the constitution of uganda to enable president Museveni stand for presidency in 2021 elections.

The number of youth who were arrested  police say did not notify  police about their intention to protest.

Sergio Aquero crashes in Amsterdam

Sergio Aquero, Manchester city striker has been injured in a car crash in Amsterdam.

The star striker had been attending a concert.

The Argentin, 29 was reported to be in a taxi to the airport

Togo refugees flee to Ghana

The Chereponi district in the Northern Region in Ghana is flooded with refugees from Togo.

This follows incessant political stalemate in neighbouring Togo, where opposition protesters are demanding  the removal of President Faure  Gnasinbe from office.

Run, hide and tell in London terrorist attack

Security experts have come up with a slogan that people should first flee an attack or alternatively find somewhere safe to hide and then alert authorities.’

Counter terrorism officials have informed

Editor in rape case on bail

Mr. Tejpal who was accused of rape has been granted bail.

India’s   Supreme Court has granted bail to Mr Tejpal who had spent six months in jail on the charges of rape.

The case prompted critics to accuse Tehelka Magazine

17 Bodies fished out of river in Tanzania

17 Human bodies have been fished out of a river along Cocoa Beach.

The bodies were found dumped in various parts of the country.

Mwigulu Nchemba Home affairs minister in Tanzania

Kenya Nasa Mp Babu Owino tortured at police station

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino said he was tortured at the police station.

The Member of Parliament told court of law that he was tortured at Pangani Police Station.

The Mp accused police officers of sending children to harass and intimidate

Museveni presidential monarchy or life presidency – Rtd Col DR. Kizza Besigye


The current excitement and debate about possible plans for a Museveni “Life-Presidency” started at the beginning of July 2017. It was started by The Observer newspaper story about a Uganda Gazette of 8th June 2017 listing the Constitutional Amendment Bill as one of the bills to be published.

This was followed by confirmation by Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire,

Saudi king signs decree granting driving to women

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has signed a decree allowing women to drive.

The crown prince stated that this will enable the women participate in the economy  to modernize Saudi society.

The Gulf Kingdom has been

Drug war lords kill 14 in Mexico

A battle between the Juarez and the Sinaloa war lords for territory has resulted into the death of 14 people in Chihuahua.

A drug rehabilitation centre in the northern Mexican city of Chihuahua was attacked and 14 people are reported to have been killed and several people injured.

Drug rehabilitation centres have been a target by gunmen on a number of occasions.