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Full Text: Gen Museveni slams USA Sanctions on Gen Kayihura

Fellow Ugandans and, especially, the Bazzukulu

It says, in the Church of Uganda Prayer Book, on page 5, as follows: “They left undone what they ought to have done and they did that they ought not to have done and there is no truth in them”. In Runyakore, it says: “Bakareka ebibashemereire kukora, bakora ebibatashemereire kukora, n’amazima tigari muribo”. It is most interesting to see how some of the elements of the Opposition are jubilating about some authorities in the USA who have recently declared that General Kale and some members of his family will not be allowed to enter the USA in case they want to travel there.

Before I comment on the action of the USA Govt in the matter of Kale, I should, first of all, say that, that excitement among some elements of the Opposition shows the poor quality of their spectacles when it comes to issues of Africa and Uganda. Why do they think that going to the USA or, indeed, any non-African country is so important that if you are not allowed there, it will amount to a painful punishment? I know of no Country that is more beautiful than Uganda on Earth Planet. It is actually a sacrifice for me to visit any non-African country on account of bad weather, strange foods etc.

The facts on two nailed NRM supporters – Okoler Opio Enoch

Nkoma in Mbale District is where it is alleged that one Isaac Katoogo an ardent supporter of NRM and President Museveni was nailed.

It is alleged further that, he was nailed by unknown persons for carrying a speaker while playing the “Kadongo Kamu” song he composed praising Mr. Museveni.

Comparing his case and that of Baker Kasumba, the 21 year old who was allegedly nailed in the palm of his hands in Bwaise or around a few weeks ago, I do infer that, even though, the assailants in both cases are not known, the similarity betwixt the two incidences is to the effect that the tormenters of the two victims mean the same and most likely they are the same.

Man who burnt self and girlfriend’s sister was on Tuesday buried

Man who on Sunday night burnt self and girlfriend’s sister in house in Piida village, Butiaba sub county Buliisa district was finally on Tuesday buried in Katasenywa Nyangahya Division Masindi Municipality.

The deceased only identified as Kaija Richard 38, corpse was on Monday picked from Buliisa General Hospital mortuary and transferred to Masindi for burial.

Kaija Richard self nicknamed “Mutima gwa Kabalega” got misunderstanding with the girlfriend forcing him to burn self and girlfriend’s sister in house on Sunday night.

UK firm defraud Tycoon Sudhir billions as police opens investigations

Central Kampala Station (CPS) is investigating a case in which a consultancy firm based in United Kingdom (UK) defrauded money from City tycoon Dr. Sudhir Rupareria.

A total of Ug Shs. 2.5bn was received by a UK firm from Meera Investments, Dr. Sudhir’s company.

FBW was contracted by Meera Investments to give consultancy in the construction of Speeke Apartments, Wampeewo and the extension of Kabira Country Club in Kampala.

Minister Nakiwala sets tough conditions to pastor Bugingo

House of Prayer Ministries outspoken pastor Aloysius Bugingo has been humbled today by state minister of Children and Youth Nakiwala Florence Kiyingi.

Minister Kiyingi has set tough conditions to embattled pastor over failure to look after his children as alleged by wife Teddy Bugingo.

In a closed minister that has taken about three house at Minister’s office in Kampala, Pastor Bugingo has humbled him self pleading to the minister for forgiveness.

Among the conditions include; Pastor Bugingo must pay total amount of school fee for their young child Isaac Bugingo to Zero balance.

Police arrests four own officers for sharing a video of a man and woman making love in a car

Police have arrested four police officers for recording a sex video of a man and a woman making love in their own vehicle.

Those arrested are CPL Magala Mathew, PC Ssemakula Musa, PC Ndyanabo Yonasan, and PC Mayenge Joel.

According to police spokesperson Fred Enanga territorial police in Kiira region coordinated with the zonal Field Force Unite (FFU) to charge the suspects.

Tycoon Sudhir unveils a new electrical plaza in Kampala, offers free 3 months rent period

Tycoon Sudhir unveils new electrical plaza in Kampala, gives free 3 months rent period. Whisper Eye Reports.

City Tycoon Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia has unveiled a new magnificent building in Kampala central business district.

The newly unveiled building named Electrical Plaza is located on Market Street, Nakasero in Kampala Central Division.

Carrow Road shakes as Norwich humbled English Premier League champions

Norwich City Football club has today earned a historical superb win at home over the Goliath-Manchesiter City 3 – 2 in the fifith fixture of their English premier league.

Kenny McLean opened his account in the game in the 18th minute to give hope to the home side.

Kale Kayihura in big trouble. As him, wife and children st USA bite

The government of United States of America has imposed tough sanctions to former Inspector General of Uganda Police force Gen. Kale Kayihura due to his involvement in gross violations of human rights.

Among the sanctions Gen Kayihura and his family is banned to enter the United States.

The Treasury Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, due to his involvement in gross violations of human rights.

Robert Mugabe’s family agree to burial at ‘heroes’ monument

The family of former Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe have agreed to bury him at a monument for national heroes in Harare, the family said on Friday, though the date for the ceremony remained unclear.

Mugabe died in Singapore last week aged 95, leaving Zimbabweans deeply divided over the legacy of a leader once lauded as an anti-colonial guerrilla hero, but whose 37-year iron-fisted rule ended in a coup in 2017.

His family and President Emmerson Mnangagwa, a former Mugabe ally who turned against him, had been at odds over where he would be buried after his body returned home on Wednesday from Singapore.

Nordics- East Africa countries seek better business ties

The Nordic and East African countries have held the first ever business expo and conference aimed at opening up investment opportunities in the two world economic regions.

Organized by Ferrum Capital, Debridge, Uganda Embassy to the Nordic Countries and Uganda Urban Expo, the three day event was held at Marina Congress Center in Helsinki, Finland under the theme: “Unveiling the potential of Africa’s fastest-growing region: East Africa – the Nordic New Frontier”.

Present were business executives and high-level representatives from the East African countries who discussed concrete business opportunities with Finnish and Nordic business executives.

Uganda set to host 55 African Customs experts at Munyonyo next week

Uganda will next week host Directors General and Commissioners of Customs from 55 African Union (AU) member countries.

The tax leaders will include technocrats from international bodies such as World Customs Organization, UNCTAD, IGAD and various diplomats.

This conference will hold discussions on matters of customs and action points from last year’s 10th meeting held in Moroni Comoros that ended with a Moroni Declaration on Combating Corruption in Customs and the adoption of the AU Draft Trade Facilitation Strategy.

In Munyonyo, the main discussion will be on implementation of the AfCFTA and the theme of the conference is “The Entry into Force of the Agreement establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) – Implications to African Customs Administrations.”

Kenya and Uganda launch the cross border programme for peace and development

Uganda president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta, launched the cross border programme for sustainable peace and development.

The program is to help Karamoja, Turkana and West Pokot communities that shares Uganda – Kenya boader.

Mr Museveni and president Uhuru signed MOU at Naitakwe grounds in Moroto District.

“When NRM came to power we identified two major issues that affected the Karamoja sub-region; these were insecurity and water shortage.” President Museveni said.

Deep Analysis: An unmask of the nightmare to Uganda’s criminal Justice System” – Denis Nyombi

My analysis in the wake of the rampant criminality kidnaps and subsequent muders, that shall be in 5 series of what i promised as an indepth analysis, of what i have observed and studied for long while as a criminal defence attorney, shall be named ” An unmask of the nightmare to Uganda’s criminal Justice System”
I will look at all the stakeholders in this system, to enable us understand where are we from, Why are we here and how did we get here.
In this, we shall be in position to underline and decrypt, what may be the definitive illustrate, of what is going on and where do we go from here.

First, lets take a detailed understanding of our police force. Until sometime in April 2014, the official name of the Uganda police, an agency of the Government was, Uganda Police Force. On that day, the then IGP Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura, publicly announced the name change from Uganda Police Force to Uganda National Police. However, the most popular name is Uganda Police (UP) or “popi” as most towns folks call it.

President Museveni orders arrest of 10 police officers for negligence over Nagirinya’s Murder

Police Professional Standards Unit (PSU) have arrested and detained 10 police officers from the Nateete Police Station on orders of president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Those arrested are responsible for the Nateete Police Station Close Circuit Television (CCTV) command centre.

On the 28th August 2019, when Nagirinya Maria and her driver Ssalongo Kitayimbwa were Kidnapped at Lungujja Nateete Police station CCTV cameras were unmanned.

Mr Museveni blames the CCTV team for failure to alert police mobile patrol in time.

Nagirinya killers rehabilitate their second camp in Kiggaga zone, laughs at police

A notorious group of criminals known as B13 which is said to mastermind Nagirinya Maria and drive Ssalongo Ronald Kitayimbwa killing laughs at police officers.

Last week police arrested a number of suspects in Nateete.

Those arrested include; Kateregga Hamza alias Arsenal, who was captured driving Nagirinya’s Car on CCTV camera.